SCRAPBOOKING 101 (Scrapbooking for dummies)

Izarbe, you should say no sometimes…or try the easy way…!! Not gonna happen any time soon!

So, my grandma’s birthday is in few weeks..and we’ve decided to do a Scrapbook. I went to the store to buy some materials and OMG! THEY’RE SO EXPENSIVE!!! Since the main purpose of scrapbooking is being unique, I’m going to try to do my best job without wasting my money! Don’t be wrong, I love my grandma very much, and I am ready to spend money, but don’t waste it. Here’s what I got for now…

-2 sets of paper colors.

-Some stickers


– A bunch of old pictures I need to digitalise

I’ll be updating soon! And of course, I’ll post the final result!